Reliable, low-cost floor cleaning services
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312 Lake Shore Drive
Craig, MO 64439
(816) 205-1009
Keeping Prices Low
  • Since 1988, we manufactured our own floor finish, floor strippers, and floor soaps.
  • Since 1986, we have built our own propane buffers. We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer with Honda.
  • Since 1979, we have operated our own full service equipment repair shop. We can repair and rebuild any make of floor machine. We buy our parts wholesale at a much lower cost than most equipment dealers.
  • We buy wholesale, what we don't make or build.
  • Management, support, personnel, and facility overhead is kept low.
  • Our central office is located Northwest Missouri where we can provide needed jobs to a population with a lower cost of living and lower taxes.
"As the Polaris star shone brightly through the night to help sailors at sea, we too, will show you a way through your oceans of cleaning problems."
In Business Since 1971
Insured Liability to $2,000,000
State and Federal Taxes Paid
Unemployment and Worker's Comp. Insurance Paid in Each State