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312 Lake Shore Drive
Craig, MO 64439
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Polaris Cleaning Est. 1971
  • We operate out of Craig, Missouri, 74 miles south of Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Polaris Cleaning is owned and operated by Julie King, who has more than 26 years experience cleaning businesses in the Midwest.
  • Operations Managers have more than 111 years experience in the cleaning business.
  • Julie was raised in South Central Nebraska with very strong work ethics. We believe in the strength of the small community. Most of our contracts are in communities under 10,000 people. When we hire employees, we employ your neighbors. We provide on-site training for the employee and usually send employees with more specialized training to perform non-routine jobs. The local person we have hired to clean your store can gain specialized training.
  • Much of the money you pay us for cleaning goes right back into your community, up to 65%. We also try to purchase directly from businesses in your community, such as propane and some parts. Our profit margin is 6-8% of the cost to you.
  • Since 1988, we have manufactured our own floor finish, floor strippers, and floor soaps.
  • Since 1986, we have built our own propane buffers. We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer with Honda.
  • Since 1979, we have operated our own full service equipment repair shop. We can repair and rebuild any make of floor machine. We buy our parts wholesale at a much lower cost than most equipment dealers.
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