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Specialty Crews
We have trained staff who will strip the floor and provide ongoing training to the personnel who cleans your store.
Time Clock
We provide an electronic time clock accessed by a phone in your facility. We know when our personnel is working in your store.
On hard surfaces we furnish high-speed propane or battery-powered buffers (based on your preference), battery-powered autoscrubbers, and propane floor stripping equipment.
Since 1988, we have manufactured our own floor finish, floor strippers, and floor soaps. Over the years, we perfected our formulas to make them the best.

When we hire employees, we employ people from your community. Since you may know this person already, we always ask your approval before hiring someone to work in your store.

We provide on-site training for the employee and usually send employees with more specialized training to perform non-routine jobs. The local person we have hired to clean your store can gain specialized training.